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Top Ten Best Restaurants in the Omaha Area

1 Jaipur
2 Sam & Louies
3 La Casa
4 Brother Sebastians
5 Lo Sole Mio
6 Noodles and Company
7 Spaghetti Works
8 Gambino's

Sam and Louie's biggest competitor. This stuff's good, too. - drpeppersnapple

9 Valentino's

The Valentino's Grand Italian Buffet has a huge amount of good food. Pizza, breadsticks, tacos, salads, soups, pasta, sausage, eggs, bacon, potatoes, ice cream... it has about 150 different items on the buffet.

10 Runza

Jesus Christ, Omaha! You put chain restaurants on your top ten list? C’mon!

A NE Favorite for sixty years now, the BLT Runza is especially good.

I have to have one every time I visit Omaha!

11 McFoster's

Vegetarian food, but that doesn't include fish. World's best tuna salad sandwich, and great drink options, all kinds of weird juices. - drpeppersnapple

12 Big Fred's Pizza
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