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Best Scooter Brands of 2014


I have one and it works good

I have one its awesome

I hat my mgp

YE the BOM

2 Phoenix

I love my phoenix it is a very good scooter

3 Grit

I have a grit and it is very solid

I have a Grit it is so good it I think it should be the best

I have a Grit. It runs smoothley, and all my other friends have Zincs that make a huge noise, although the Grit is silent, and speedy.

The grit invader is amazing
Has to be the best in the world

4 Lucky

I have a lucky and it works really well

5 Envy
6 District

Whats yours made out of plastic

Mgp suck there made of metal and are really hard to spin

7 Havoc
8 Crisp
9 Sacrifice

My sacrifice is the best deck ever

10 Madd Gear

Same as mgp

11 Apex

Amazing scooter put it top 3

12 Team Dogz
13 Razor
14 Pivot
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